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Fools Night Out comes from a song by Phil Wiggins | Moon photo courtesy Michael's Photo Gallery.

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Date & Time (Eastern) Artist Venue Live? Notes
Mon June 10
John Hiatt
Sold Out - $75 - w/ Rebecca Porter - also Rams Head Tuesday
Mon June 10, 6-8:30pm
Robert Lighthouse
El Golfo
Tue June 11, 6:30pm
19th St. Band
Brookside Gardens
Tue June 11, 8pm
Blues Warriors
Hank Dietles
Dan Hovey @ 5:30pm
Wed June 12, 4pm-5:15pm
Eleanor Ellis and Rick Franklin
Koiner Farm, 737 Easley Street, Silver Spring
Piedmont Blues Folk Through Story & Song
Thur June 13
Dustbowl Revival
Thur June 13, 6pm-9pm
Barbershop Tribute to Phil Wiggins
El Golfo, 8739 Flower Avenue, Silver Spring
Miles Spicer, Yaya Patterson, Pearl Lefkovits Bailes, 'Stingy Brim' Geoff Seals, ...
Thur June 13, 7-9pm
Seth Kibel Quartet
New Deal
Fri June 14, 6pm
Soul Crackers
Bethesda Streetery
Fri June 14, 7:30pm
Asleep @ the Wheel
"Happy Trails tour"
Fri June 14, 7:30pm
Chuck Brown Band
Grist Mill Park
Sat June 15, 10am-10pm
Silver Spring Blues Festival
Downtown Silver Spring
w/ Nighthawks, Teeny Tucker, Gabe Stillman, Memphis Gold, Deanna Bogart, Geoff Seals, Eleanor Ellis, Rick Franklin, ...
Sat June 15, 1-8pm
Columbia Pike Blues Festival
S. Walter Reed Dr. & Columbia Pike
w/ Bette Smith, Eden Brent, Mama Moon & the Rump Shakers, Stacy Brooks Band, and The Honey Larks (Carly Harvey, Jenny Langer and Holly Montgomery)
Sat June 15, 8-10pm
Palisades Hub Cap Centre
Video Release Party & Mark Noone's Bday
Sat June 15, 8-10pm
Cellar Door Reunion
w/ Deanna Bogart, Jon Carroll, HalfSmokes, Hazzel Bell, Holly Montgomery, ...
Sat June 15, 8pm
19th St Band
Colective Encore
Sun June 16
Hula Monsters (6pm)
Dave Chappell Band (2pm)
Hank Dietles
Sun June 16, 7:30pm
Tom Paxon & the DonJuans
Grist Mill Park
Mon Jan 17, 6-9pm
Blue Monday:
Clarence "Blues Man" Turner
Westminster Church
400 I St. SW
Tue-Wed June 18-19, 7:30pm
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
nearly Sold Out
Filene Center
Wolf Trap
w/ JD McPherson
Tue June 18, 8pm
Deke Dickerson & the Whippersnappers
Hank Dietles
Thur June 20, 8pm
Filene Center
Wolf Trap
w/ Cut Worms
Thur June 20, 8pm
Fri June 21
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Fri June 21, 6-9pm
Josh Christina
Rockville Town Square
Sat June 22, 7:30pm
Lee Rocker (of the Stray Cats)
Pavillion @ Reston Town Center
Sat June 23, 6:30pm
19th St. Band
Starr Hill Biergarten
Sun June 23, 3:30-6pm
Sunday Waltz
Karen Collins & the Backroads Band
Spanish Ballroom
Glen Echo Park
dancing, lesson @ 2:45pm
Sun June 23, 4-7pm
Wild Anacostias
Silver Spring American Legion (Cissel-Saxon Post 41)
Date & Time (Eastern) Artist Venue Live? Notes

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