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Fools Night Out comes from a song by Phil Wiggins | Moon photo courtesy Michael's Photo Gallery.

Stay safe, still...

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Date & Time (Eastern) Artist Venue Live? Notes
Mon Feb 26, 6-9pm
Blue Monday:
Shirleta Settles
Westminster Church
400 I St. SW
Wed Feb 28, 6pm
Kennedy Center
Millenium Stage
FREE, ticketed, streamed
Wed Feb 28, 7 & 9pm shows
Chappell, Pirog, Previti, & Kuhl
Blues Alley
Thur Feb 29, 8pm
Dave Chappell Band
Thur Feb 29
Jelly Roll Mortals
Hank Dietles
Thur Feb 29
Hells Bottom VFW
w/ Ammonite
Fri Mar 1, 8pm
Jerron Paxton
Old Parish House
4711 Knox Rd. College Park
Fri Mar 1, 8pm
Colvin Run Dance Hall
inside, lesson @ 8pm
Fri Mar 1, 9pm
Fast Eddie & the Slowpokes
Hank Dietles
Fri Mar 1, 8pm
Arturo O'Farrill Octet
Coolidge Auditorium
Library of Congress
Fri Mar 1, 8pm
Spice Cake w/ Phil Wiggins
Archie's Barbershop
4502 Hamilton St, Hyattsville
"Old Fashioned Rent Party" - $25
Sat Mar 2, 8pm
King Soul
Rhodes Tavern Troubdours
Kenmont Swim Club
Sat Mar 2, 5 & 8pm
John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band (J2B2)
Hylton Performing Arts Center
Sat Mar 2, 7pm
Little Red & The Renegades
El Golfo Restaurant
8739 Flower Ave, SS
Sat Mar 2, 5pm
Big Howdy Bluegrass w/ Neel Brown and John Seebach
Hank Dietles
Sat Mar 2, 9pm
Ruthie & the Wranglers
Hard Core Troubadours
Hank Dietles
Sun Mar 3, 3:30-6pm
Sunday Waltz
Tangerine Tempo
Spanish Ballroom
Glen Echo Park
dancing, lesson @ 2:45pm
Sun Mar 3, 4:30 & 6:30pm shows
Old Brogue
Great Falls
Mon Mar 4
Mac McAnally
also Sat 2, but long Sold Out - Jimmy Buffet alumus, songwriter
Tue Mar 5, 7:30pm/center>
Paul Thorn & Steve Poltz
Creative Encore
Tue-Thur Mar 5-7
Tedeschi Trucks Band
Warner Theatre
Wed Mar 6, 8pm
Local Cream Songwriters
Hank Dietles
w/ TBD & Annette Wasilik - David Goodfriend @ 5:30pm
Thur Mar 7, 8pm
Hank Dietles
Fri Mar 8
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Fri Mar 8, 7pm
Burt the Dirt
Old Bowie Town Grille
Fri Mar 8, 8pm
Steve Forbert
Collective Encore
Sat Mar 9
Tedeschi Trucks Band
afterparty w Ron Holloway Band @ 8x10
Sat Mar 9, 7pm
Soul Crackers
Old Bowie Town Grille
Date & Time (Eastern) Artist Venue Live? Notes

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Fool's Night Out is an attempt to gather all the bands, and shows that I enjoy into one public site. It is in no way comprehensive and is not genre specific. It matches my tastes, but includes other recommendations as well. It tends to focus on Roots Music; specifically Blues, Swing, Rockabilly, Zydeco, and occasionally Latin, Ska, and Cajun, as well as the un-classifyable.
This information is gathered and updated in my spare time. Verify the events and times.
--- Scott Mitchell

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